Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most beautiful and romantic cities. Yeah! Located on the Neckar River, the city attracts 12 million visitors every year, so there are plenty of accommodation options to cater to all kinds of taste.


We have pre-booked rooms in two hotels for you, which are both located in proximity to the dance venue:


"Our HDTM-Hotels":

Distance: 850m, about 3 min by car or 12 min on foot. There are single and double rooms available.

Please use our reservation code "Tango".

Distance: 3,9 km, about 7 minutes by car. There are single, double, triple and four bed rooms with kitchen and bathroom available. You’ll get a 10% discount with the reservation code "Tangolöwe23"



We also recommend:


Apartmenthaus Heidelberg

Two flats with 3 bed rooms (2 beds each), 100sqm with kitchen & bath. Ideal for people who stay from the Pre-Milonga till the After-Milonga and want to share the space with friends.

Distance: 4,8 km, about 9 minutes by car.


For more exclusive tastes: Villa Toskana

Hotel Villa Toskana in Leimen is a four star hotel.

Distance: 5,2 km, about 10 minutes by car


For simple tastes: Steffis Hostel

Steffis Hostel is located near the main station

Distance: 8 km, about 15 minutes by car, or take the bus no. 33 from the Main Station (direction Emmertsgrund) till “Forum”



Further accommodations options: