Questions and Answers

 Can I also register as a "Double Role" dancer?
Double role dancing is welcomed and appreciated at the HDTM!
However, for organisational reasons we do not offer this option in the registration. Please just register in one role and write "Double Role" in the comment field.



I would like to share a ride. Can you tell me who else is coming from my area?
We support car sharing!
To arrange a date, you can use the HDTM event/group on Facebook. For organisational and data protection reasons, however, we cannot pass on any contact details.



Unfortunately I cannot participate, will I get my participation fee back?
If you cancel your registration by 1. April 2024, you will be refunded half of the fee. After that, no refund of the participation fee is possible. Your registration is personalised and cannot be transferred to another person.



Can I pay for drinks at the bar with a card?
No, unfortunately we do not offer card payment. You can buy drink tickets for 10 € each in cash. Tickets cannot be refunded.



Where is the nearest airport?
The nearest airport is Frankfurt am Main (FRA). From there you can get to Heidelberg by bus/train.



How many dancers will come to HDTM?
We are a maximum of 250 people.



I have registered, but I haven't received an answer yet. Should I contact you?
We need about 2-3 weeks to process your registration. Please refrain from further enquiries within this time. If you have not heard from us after 3 weeks, please send us an email.