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Dear all,


We are very sad, to announce the cancellation of the HDTM - Heidelberg Tangomarathon 2020.


The current development of the corona pandemic has forced us to rethink our event and pay responsibility for all of us as a vivid community.

Currently there is a decree issued by the city of Heidelberg that prohibits dance events until June 15. Even if this would be lifted before May, we do not know how the situation on the borders will develop. So far we received registrations from the United States, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, England, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.


Our dearest wish is to dance with all of you in a relaxed and trustworthy atmosphere - unfortunately this does not seem to be possible by May.

Under these circumstances we believe it is to the best of all to clearly cancel well in advance.


And now for the good news : ))

We have spoken to all DJs, the landlord of the event space and the catering company and could - big thanks to all of them - already set a new date for 2021!


*** So please all of you lovely tango lovers, save the date:


HDTM Heidelberg Tangomarathon will be held in May 7th - 9th, 2021! ***


We are so much looking forward to warmly welcome you, embrace and enjoy the best times coming up together with all of you!


Please stay healthy and take good care of your selves and your beloved ones.


With strength, love & confidence to all, best regards

yours Ina Tangodeseos & HDTM Team


El tango nos espera!