Attending the event requires registration via this website only. The full participation fee has to be paid in advance via bank transfer. As soon as the participation fee has been paid, the registration is binding.

Your registration is personalized and not transferable to other persons.


Right to revocation

According to § 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB there is no right of revocation when booking the marathon, as it is a contract for the provision of services in connection with leisure activities, which provide for specific dates or periods.

If the Participant cancels participation up to 01.April 2024 the Organiser will reimburse 50% of the participation fee. After 01.April 2024, reimbursement is not possible due to organizational reasons.

If the marathon is cancelled by the organizer the participation fee will be refunded with a deduction of 20,- Euro handling fee.


Photographing and recording at the event

The Participant acknowledges and understands that the Organizer may undertake image and tone recordings at the event. The Organizer may broadcast, distribute or otherwise make the recordings publicly available (e.g. on Social Media, HDTM or Tangodeseos owned websites, print material) and use it to promote the event as far as allowed under applicable law. The Participant will not receive any remuneration.The Participant acknowledges and understands that he or she may undertake recordings at the event for personal use and other participants may do so as well and record image, photograph and voice.If the Participant would like to broadcast, distribute or otherwise make publicly available the recordings, he or she can do so as far as allowed under applicable law.


Non-harassment clause

Everyone must adopt a respectful behavior: measure his or her alcohol consumption, respect the physical integrity of others, show no intrusive behavior, no verbal or physical violence. In case of any trouble like harassment, any other disturbance, non-respect of your person or witnessed misconduct on any other person, you are most encouraged to report it to the organisation so that we can maintain a safe and peaceful event. Any person perpetrating such misconduct, please be aware that we will respond proportionally and that depending on the gravity of your actions this might lead to an immediate exclusion of the event or lead to further legal steps according to the german law.


Data Pricacy Policy

With the event registration, the Participant agrees to the storage of its provided data by the Organiser. Stored Participant’s data will only be used for registration processing and information related to the event. The data will not be given to third parties.

For more information look at our full Data Privacy Policy.


General disclaimer of liability

Participation in the event and is at your own risk. 

The Organiser is not liable for any personal injury or property damage arising from or in connection with attendance at the event or participation in any event activities. The Organiser assumes no responsibility for any losses due to theft or loss of equipment and articles or other personal property.


Program changes

We reserve the right to change the program and/or DJs for organisational reasons.


Rules of conduct at the venue

Conduct at the venue premises is regulated by the Bürgeraus Emmertsgrund House Rules. Smoking is only permitted outside the building. Participants must follow the instructions of the Organiser in safety issues. If the Participant doesn’t follow the instructions, the Organiser has the right to exclude the Participant from the Event without any compensation.


Acknowledgement and Acceptance

The Participant acknowledges and accepts these General Terms and Conditions with the online registration or by entering the event premises.


Heidelberg, 30.12.2023